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Thanks to today’s technology, most of us have our own phone with which we can communicate anytime and anywhere with anyone else. This has become a vital part of our day to day, which is why new companies are created every time that offer Telecommunications serviceseither locally, nationally or globally.

In Mexico, the AT&T company launched a telecommunications service available to the public which they named Unefon. Throughout this article we will be detailing what Unefón is, the call and SMS services, and the benefits it offers its users.

Meaning of AT&T and Unefon

AT&T is an American company dedicated to telecommunications, which was founded in 1983 and so far is among the largest companies in the world in its area. His name is “American Telephone and Telegraph”abbreviated to AT&T, which means “American Telephone and Telegraph”.

AT&T developed a telephone service in Mexico called Unefon, whose name comes from the words “Unified” and “Telephony”. This name was given to the brand as a reflection of the commitment that characterizes AT&T to offer its telephone services in an accessible and unified manner to its customers.

Unefon offers its users in Mexico communication services with 3G and 4G technology to guarantee a good quality of internet connection.

What is unefon per second?

Unefon offers a wide variety of services to improve the experience of its customers every day and to obtain more accessibility to them. Likewise, he has a mobile phone plan in Mexico that charges its users per second instead of charging by the minute.

In this way, the cost of the call would result in a calculation based on the real time used instead of charging by fractions a full minute. As a result, this phone plan is concluded to more accurate data and cheap costs.

In general, this type of plan is more useful for people who don’t make calls as often or who don’t need very long calls. Furthermore, he Unefon per Second plan offers them a variety of data packages and even text messages at more affordable prices.

What is unefon flex 100?

When they refer to Unefon Flex 100, they are talking about a mobile phone plan offered by that brand in Mexico. The Flex 100 plan includes up to 100 minutes of calls and 100 text messages to any operator, whether from Mexico or the United States.

In addition, it also offers you internet access from your mobile with a limited amount of data. Unefon users can opt for this plan both in postpaid and prepaid mode and its duration is up to 30 days.

Unefón users who prefer the Flex 100 plan are those who need a moderate amount of text messages and call minutes and internet access. Likewise, if you have this active plan and want add a few extra minutes, text messages or mobile datayou only have to pay an additional fee with which you can adapt your plan to your needs.

What is Unefon club?

Just like there are plans for calls, text messages and mobile data, there is also a plan for those users who have been loyal to the service called Unefon Club. This is known to be a loyalty program that rewardswith exclusive benefits, to customers who periodically recharge their accounts.

Among these rewards you can make from discounts on minute packagestext messages or even additional data, they also include promotions and access to special events.

In general, the Unefon Club program It is obtained thanks to the accumulation of points that are generated each time the user recharges their account. With these points, customers can redeem exclusive benefits or promotions, in addition, they can also obtain different levels of membership as they accumulate more of these points.

In this way, Unefon Club encourages its customers to make more top-ups to obtain all the benefits, discounts and promotions they want with the use of points. All these rewards are only exclusively available to users who are part of the program.

What is Unefon benefit balance?

The Unefon brand offers many services that manage to adapt to each of its clients, one of these services is the Balance of Benefits. This is known for being an additional balance that Unefon grants to its customers each time they recharge their mobile phone account.

With this additional balance, users can purchase from packages of additional minutes and text messages, to better mobile data packages and more. In addition, the balance of Unefón benefits works as an additional incentive for its customers to obtain more value for the money used to top up your account.

This benefit balance can be accumulated in the client’s account and be used to acquire other services. With this, users can obtain from more time of use of their mobile telephony plan, to more data and text messages at a lower cost.

However, the additional services that the client can obtain with the balance of benefits vary depending on the region in which the client is located and the availability of the service. It is recommended check what service options are available when recharging.

What is a Unefon prepaid?

Prepaid is known as a mobile phone plan offered by the Unefon company to its Mexican users for pay in advance for services that they will use on their account. With this plan, users can load their account with any amount of money and purchase their minutes of calls, text messages and mobile data.

This type of plan is ideal for those who want Control your monthly mobile phone spendingThis way they don’t commit to a long-term service plan. On the other hand, prepaid plans also offer the possibility of adjusting the amount of money that will be recharged according to the client’s needs.

One of the main advantages of the Unefon prepaid plan It is that they do not need to sign a contract nor will there be hidden charges on the invoice. Users will be able to use their mobile phone services without compromise and in a simple way.

What is better Movistar or Unefon?

The decision on whether Movistar or Unefon is better will depend on the needs or preferences of each user to use the mobile phone service. Although both companies offer various plans of mobile telephony throughout the Mexican territory, these have their differences and the choice may depend on them.

On the one hand, Movistar has a wide coverage and a wide variety of plans for its customers, both prepaid and postpaid, as well as internet plans for companies or homes. This company is characterized by its unlimited data and international roaming plans designed for those who travel throughout the country and its outskirts.

While Unefon focuses on offering more accessible prepaid plans, simple and without contract for your clients. This becomes an ideal service for those who only need a basic plan without having to commit to large costs in the long term.

In addition, Unefon offers plans that include Unlimited calls and SMS throughout Mexico and the United States, being very useful for those who use these services frequently. It should be noted that this company is also characterized by providing its customers with GPS navigation through its coverage network.

To sum it up, Movistar is a good option for those looking for more coverage, flexible plans, and faster internet speeds. While Unefon is the ideal for those looking for only basic and affordable prepaid plans with unlimited calls.

What is better Unefon or Telcel?

If you have to choose between the mobile phone service offered by Unefon or Telcel, the choice will depend on the needs that you need the service to cover. Like, each offers different features both in prices and in internet speed, coverage, among others.

When it comes to coverage, although Unefon has a very good reach in Mexico, by comparison, Telcel has a larger presence. This is thanks to Telcel has a more extensive network and has invested in its network improvement and expansion throughout the country.

Within the subject of plans and rates, Telcel offers a wide variety of both prepaid and postpaid packages for users with options for different budgets. However, the services offered Unefon focus more on prepaid plans with basic packagesattractive and affordable for their customers.

And, although Telcel looks more striking, the Unefon advantage is that their plans include unlimited calls and text messages in Mexico and the United States. Telcel, despite its large presence, only offers the unlimited service package within Mexico.

How to know what number is my Unefon chip?

If you already have a Unefon chip that you had not used, or a new chip and you don’t know which phone number you have assigned, you can do any of the following to get it:

  1. Look in the box or on the receipt of the Unefon chip: in general, when you buy a chip, the phone number assigned to it is printed on the box or receipt.
  2. check the number from your mobile phone: by inserting your Unefon chip into a phone you can dial *#62# and call. When you do this you will see a message on the screen where the phone number assigned to the chip will be displayed.
  3. Can call someone: A quick and easy way to get your phone number is by making a call to someone. In this way, the recipient of the call will see your number on their screen and will be able to tell you.
  4. Check the chip information online: if you have previously registered your chip online, you can access it from the Unefon website and verify its information. You just have to enter the website with your credentials, go to the “My account” or “Account information” section, where you will see the number associated with your chip.

However, if none of these methods worked for you, we recommend visiting the Unefon customer service center closest. There where you can request the information you need about your chip and the telephone number assigned to it.

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