What is PIN Pad? – Everything you need to know about this device

The PIN Pad is one of the most used devices in the world by businesses, since it is very useful in commercial transactions. In this article, we will explore what what is a PIN Padwhat are their functions, the evolution of these devices and how operations are executed financial on them. Finally, we will make a small comparison between the dataphone and the PIN Pad, since both have their similarities and differences. Do not miss it!

What is the PIN Pad used for?

Currently, a large part of commercial transactions are not completed through the exchange of physical money for the goods that are acquired, since the process is fully digitized. Payments are made through debit cards, credit cards and even through gift cards or online coupons. In this way, to complete the transfer of money, a hardware equipment with the indicated software is required to debit the amount from the customer’s bank and deposit it in the seller’s.

The PIN Pad is a very common device in the world, as many merchants or business and restaurant owners have one to debit their customers’ money for each sale. It’s about a Electronic device that offers an alternative to customers to complete the payment of an economic transaction. It is known as PIN Pad in English, although in Spanish it is called PIN keyboard or PIN input device.

It is an electronic device that has a screen and a physical keyboard with the numbers from zero to 9, as well as some special symbols such as the numeral (#). This object has the ability to receive money through debit, credit or any other smart card. Likewise, the advance in the development of technology allows these devices to be in constant evolution and, for this reason, today there are some that They have a fingerprint reader.

How does a PIN Pad work?

The PIN Pad is described as an input device, since most of them only functions in order to receive information, although there are others that allow money returns to be executed. The PIN Pad allows you to accept and encrypt the personal identification number or “PIN” (personal identification number for its acronym in English), with which the card is activated.

In this way, the procedure to make a payment does not only consist of delivering the card to the seller in order for him to collect the debt. On the contrary, the device’s software requests a series of data to activate the system, which allows the money to be debited from the bank. In most cases, the requirement is only a PIN or numerical combination, although this depends on the rules of the bank, as some also require you to enter the ID number or personal ID.

Once the customer or vendor enters the data in the hardware of the payment terminal, the system will deduct the money from the bank account. Software is usually linked to a cash register or automated system belonging to the company or business that sells products and offers services. It is also possible to see these systems in ATMs, although they usually work with PIN pads.

In older PIN pads, permission from the bank was required for each transaction, so you had to wait for the entity will authorize the transfer of money. However, this was automated when credit and debit cards digitized the chips, so it is now a much simpler process.

It is important to highlight that in countries where technology is more modern and there is a secure telephone network, the PIN Pad is decreasing its use, since in these places telephone systems were developed, where the use of QR codes allows you to debit money without using another device other than two cell phones. As a measure to encourage the use of cards, banks implemented cashback, which are money rewards that are earned the more the card is used.

What is a PIN Pad withdrawal?

The PIN Pad gives users, who own the account registered and linked to the device, the possibility of withdrawals at the bank branch. In this sense, in this account all the sales operations that are paid by card are stored, so the businessman can withdraw that money in cash from his bank.

What are the steps to detect the manipulation of the PIN Pad?

In general, the security of the PIN Pad is guaranteed by security systems. ‘software security’ with which banks work and the same device. Passwords and other identification entered into the device are not recorded, so customers’ money and accounts are not at risk.

In the event of any external or unauthorized manipulation of the PIN Pad, it would only be necessary to verify the status of the bank account, so you must enter your bank and observe the movements in debits and creditsbecause there you can make sure if someone withdrew money or if a person paid more than necessary.

How do you reset a PIN Pad?

The PIN Pad acts like a small computer or a cell phone, that is, with an intelligent operating system that allows connection to users’ bank accounts. So these give the possibility of turning them off or restarting them in order to solve a problem in the equipment, or when the data signal or internet connection is not working well to the device.

The procedure consists of looking for the menu and then the option to restart or shutdown as the case may be. Once found, you have to press the green button that indicates that procedure is acceptedthen it only remains to wait for it to turn on again.

What is the PIN Pad of a dataphone?

When talking about PIN Pad of a dataphone, reference is made to the keyboard of a dataphone through which the card codes are entered. That is, the physical part of the hardware that contains the buttons to enter numbersor letters, if the PIN requires it.

A dataphone is an electronic device that is also known as point of sale or passcards. In this way, it is possible to affirm that a dataphone and a PIN Pad are the same device, however, in most cases, the PIN Pad only represents the keyboard but also includes modern TVP devices.

What advantage does a PIN Pad have over a dataphone?

PIN Pad keyboards can be considered a better option today, since this terminal allows, more easily, the administration of the company and sales. In this sense, the system or software of these devices has better features, such as a digital screen, better connectivity to Internet networks, and even fingerprint sensor sensors. In addition, the newer are wireless and portable.

For its part, the dataphone is described as a compact equipment, which can be installed in a business, store or any establishment that has commercial purposes. The collection of money from buyers is done by connecting the device to a telephone network, WiFi, IP, BP, as well as GMS or GPRS, they also have the ability to print invoices.

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