What is external memory? – Everything you need to know about external memory

Computer science is a fairly extensive subject and one that is also in constant development and evolution. If we make a comparison of what the technology of a few years ago was like with the current one, the difference will be huge. Whether it’s output devices that have evolved to be more compact and versatile, displays with higher resolution, among others.

A factor of great importance when talking about technology is storage, since this is where all the information is stored. information and data that we need. At this point, we can find various types of storage, external memory being one of the most common input and output devices to see. Next, we will show you everything related to this type of storage.

What is this hardware for?

Now, the uses that can be given to this type of unit can vary greatly, regardless of whether we use it in a mobile device, PC, Tablet or console. However, the main objective of this hardware is to store and transport all kinds of data and information that we want. This to move them from one place to another without the need for an internet connection.

Some types of information that we can transport are videos, audio, music, images, documents and much more. In addition to this, the speeds that can be reached when transferring data can be high, having a standard USB decoding of 480Mbps.

Importance of an external memory

In a very similar way, the use that can be given to the storage unit or external memory makes it a very important piece of hardware. To begin with, the size that these have is quite small for the amount of information that they can store. In addition to this, we can find different capacities that go from several MB to more than 1 TB, which makes it a main source of data and information transport for many people.

What is the external memory of a computer?

On the other hand, the storage unit or external memory of a PC can be defined as that device that allows us to transport all kinds of information and data in a free way. That is to say, This is independent of the device where it will be used and does not need it for its operation. Although this will depend on factors such as having an operating system installed on the external memory or the drivers in question.

Common types of external memory used in computers

In a rather similar way, in the PC world there are various external storage devices and drives that can be used to transport information. Some of the most common typess that we can use are the following:

  • USB drive or flash drive: It is the main type of external memory and is manufactured in compact sizes.
  • External hard drive: Large capacity unit that allows you to carry up to 10 TB of information.
  • micro SD card: They are small units, it is quite common to use them in smartphones or portable consoles.
  • Optical storage devices: These are DVD format discs for which an optical drive is required.

Advantages of external memory in storage expansion

However, the uses that can be given to this storage unit are quite positive for the device in question, thus helping in aspects such as performance, transportation and others. Next, we will show you some of the advantages of external memory in storage expansion:

  • It allows us to take a huge amount of data wherever we want.
  • We can enter more information in our device when the internal memory is full.
  • The cost is quite low.
  • The vast majority of devices and consoles have the function of expanding storage.
  • They can be swapped when full, saving the need to delete files.

What is encrypt external memory card?

On the other hand, the security methods that we can use in computing are increasingly effective and difficult to solve for people who are not authorized. In this case, it is encrypt external memory cardwhich means that all data on the drive will be encrypted and cannot be easily accessed by unauthorized persons.

One of the ways to gain access is through a password set by user which encrypted the memory card.

Benefits of encrypting external memory card

In a very similar way, there are a huge number of advantages that are obtained when encrypting the information found on our external memory card or internal partition. Some of the benefits obtained are:

  • Allows for more privacy.
  • Decrypting the information is quite complicated.
  • It requires a password to access.
  • Every single data inside the drive is protected.

Methods to encrypt external memory card effectively

Similarly, encrypting information from our storage units it is quite a simple task and that can be done from the comfort of our devices such as Smartphones, tablets or a PC. The process may vary depending on the device from which we perform the encryption.

In general, we must access the device configuration and in the security section we must select the encrypt or encryption option. Now it will only be a matter of selecting the memory card that we want and adding a password to it.

What is internal and external memory?

Now, storage units are devices that They can come in different sizes and capacities., according to the manufacturer. These same can be designed to transport them freely or flat, it is found as a hardware component in a device.

differences and similarities

Although both units are responsible for storing data and information, there is a big difference between these two that makes them have similar but different uses. In the case of external memory, we can take it wherever we want and we can enter it into any device that supports it, while internal memory is located directly inside the device, which makes it cannot be easily removed.

What is the external memory of a cell phone?

In the same way, it can be said that the external memory of a cell phone is one that it is usually of the Micro SD typethese are small in size and have large capacities ranging from Megabytes to Gigabytes.

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