What is a generic cell phone? – Discover everything about this type of cell phone

The world of mobile devices is evolving faster and faster, which brings considerable improvements in each of its components internal. Whether we are increasingly seeing smartphones with 5G coverage, cameras with higher image quality, a ROM memory with more capacity, among others. This evolution brings with it that many mobile device brands want to join in order to make a profit.

Although there are quality devices such as Windows Phone, Samsung, iPhone and others, we can find other companies that are dedicated to creating mobile phones with quality and quite affordable prices. One aspect to highlight when talking about a mobile phone is to know if it is authentic or generic and of poor quality. Next, we will show you the answers to each of the aspects to take into account when cloning a phone and whether it is worth buying it instead of the original.

Characteristics of a generic cell phone

Now, it is known that mobile devices have certain aspects of each other. That is, we can find smartphones that have a higher quality in terms of their internal and external components. We are talking about screens like those produced by Samsung, storage and Android operating system, 5G technology and else. However, a generic phone will have certain aspects that differ from an original one. Next, we will show you the characteristics of a clone mobile phone:

  • Very similar aesthetic appearance: Companies that create mobile devices that are clones are increasingly trying to make it very similar to the original. To do this, they use techniques and materials that are the same as the one you want to clone in order to pass as an original to the naked eye.
  • Lower quality materials: Physically they may be quite similar to the original phone they are copying. However, these are manufactured with materials that are cheaper and, therefore, have lower quality and durability. This causes them to be more susceptible to blows and falls that will damage it faster.
  • Lower quality internal components: It is known that a mobile device clone is made with lower quality materials. This in the medium term is a huge problem if we talk about the internal components, which are damaged faster over time and begin to fail. A clear example of this is that, over time, a Smartphone clone will start to slow down in its operating system and its responses will be slow.
  • The price is very low compared to the original: By having lower quality components and materials, it is quite common for us to find these copies at quite low prices compared to what is being copied. While an Original phone costs 10,000 pesos, the generic will cost 3,000 pesos.
  • They use highly regarded brands to boost their sales: This is one of the most common features of a clone mobile phone, since it uses prestigious brand names. This in order to deceive customers and make them use their money to buy them. An example of this is a Samsung phone with Android 5G that costs 10,000 pesos, the clone will be cheaper, but it will still have the brand name.

How is it different from other brands?

On the other hand, certain aspects must be taken into account in order to know the difference between an original Android mobile phone and a clone. Although there is a possibility that some parts are original and others not. As an example of this, we have phones with a screen that is not original and that when touched, its responses are less fast. Here are the main differences:

  • Lower quality: This section can be found in all directions. Some of them can be the quality of the audio, screen, housing materials, among others.
  • Deficient or non-genuine operating system: This is usually quite common to see on generic mobile phones, since we can see cases where an iPhone 13 clone has the Android operating system.
  • Does not have technical support: If we acquire a generic mobile device, when it is damaged and we take it to the company that has the brand, they will not be able to offer us their services because it is not one of their original products.
  • They do not have a guarantee: While prestigious brands such as Samsung or Apple give their users time to fix the faults that come from the factory, this does not happen with generic phones and we will have to repair it with a technician.

Advantages and disadvantages of generic cell phones

In a fairly similar way, the acquisition of one of these non-original mobile devices has certain benefits and limitations that will vary depending on the model that we are going to acquire and the price it has. For this reason, we will show you some of the advantages and disadvantages of generic cell phones:


  • It has a much lower price compared to the original.
  • It is quite easy to get on internet pages or markets.
  • There is a small probability that some of the internal components that it has are original and last a longer time.
  • Being generic spare parts, they are more accessible and easier to get when the device in question is damaged.


  • Lower quality in its materials and low resistance to blows.
  • It does not provide technical support of the prestigious brand that is being used.
  • In most cases it does not have the technical specifications it claims to have.
  • Poor performance in the operating system and applications in general.
  • They do not have a guarantee in the vast majority of cases.

How do you measure the quality of a generic cell phone?

Now, it is known that a mobile device that is not original will tend to be of lower quality. Therefore, it is recommended verify each of the technical aspects and physical that it has in order to know if we are dealing with a cheap copy or a phone that is worth it. One of the best ways in which we can measure the quality of one of these phones is by seeing it and using it with our own hands. There are many websites and companies that sell generic phones displaying certain technical specifications.

But when you buy and try the device in question, it does not have the capabilities that the provider promised. This is why it is advisable to purchase it from physical stores and use it to see its quality. Seeing how the materials are to the touch, enter the configuration to see the specifications techniques or seeing the battery life are just some of the ways to know how reliable and good the copy we are about to acquire is. In addition to this, we must investigate prices in order to see which site is best for us to make the purchase.

What are the uses of a generic cell phone?

On the other hand, mobile devices that are clones may look similar to the original both in appearance and in functions. However, this will depend on the model that we are going to use and how good its quality is. In general, the uses that can be given to a generic cell phone they are quite similar to those of an original one. We talk about things like taking photos, playing video games, making video calls, sharing stories on social media, and so on.

However, there are cases in which a cell phone that is generic it cannot imitate some functions of the original. Let’s take Apple’s clone mobile devices as a clear example, which do not pay attention to its services such as the App Store, iCloud and other applications that are directly related to the original brand.

Can generic cell phones meet the daily needs of a user?

This will depend rather on what are the needs that are going to be met and the period of time in which the device is going to be used. If, on the one hand, we are a user who only searches meet basic needs such as viewing social networks, communicating by calls and messages or taking photos to remember certain moments, then a generic phone can satisfy our daily needs for a long period of time.

Whereas, if we are a demanding user who is looking for quality stuff, then we will not be able to use a clone device. Since these are not designed for demanding uses such as playing video games that require a lot of technical resources, taking high-quality photos, making backup copies with the corresponding services and even the durability of its components and resistance to shock.

Are generic cell phones compatible with telephone networks and services?

However, mobile devices that are clones offer us a wide variety of options and features that the original has, losing quality in some cases due to factors such as incompatibility, greater use of resources, among others. In this case, it is the telephone networks and services, which are compatible with these devices, since we can make calls, messages, obtain mobile data and others. Although in most cases it will not work the same way and the signal will be a little less efficient than the original.

What factors should be taken into account when buying a generic cell phone?

When buying a phone that is not original, we run a lot of risks because we do not really know how good the quality of it is. It is for this reason that they should take certain factors into account when purchasing one of these phones, which are the following:

  • Check the technical specifications in the settings.
  • Compare prices and models.
  • See reviews of the phone.
  • Acquire it with guarantee.

What are the brands of generic cell phones?

On the other hand, there is a huge number of prestigious brands that are used by companies that produce clone phones in order to sell a device faster, making the customer believe that they are buying a product with a high-quality brand. Some of these brands are usually Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Soyes, Sony and others.

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