What is a free software license? – Know everything about software with extended rights

We can find them in our day to day, since they are in any device that we have at hand. Although little is known about what it is or how it actually works, the free software license is a set of agreed permissions They are there to establish certain rules that are indispensable in their use. Therefore, there is not only one type, but there is a great variety that are coupled depending on the conditions for which it is used or if they are free or not.

The free software license is data in which prior rights are granted in order to change and distribute specific software. In copyright laws, this is privatized, but whoever owns the publishing rights is the founder of the software. The one who has in his hands the option of passing a license to whoever is going to receive it so that he obtains some rights. Although it may seem like a tedious process, it is of the utmost importance in order not to have problems later. Therefore, we will inquire more about this topic.

Meaning and concept of a free software license

They are those that approve having and being able to use a whole material together. Where the person who owns the license has the domain in its entirety about the work. The economic rights that certain data previously had are not saved.

This allows the person in charge of the software to make it known, so that anything can be done with respect to it. It goes from being able to modify it, copy it, adapt it, if you need some improvements they can be done without restriction. Its state is that this program and everything that was achieved in it is carried out shared with many users under the same conditions. Where the software must continue to be free and nobody can use it only for their own benefit from the efforts of others obtained.

Since the year 2000, this kind of free license has given rise to novelties in relation to guidelines. Which want to give these same properties to other entries such as artistic, literary or scientific works. An example are the programs licensed under the GPL, where they authorize the source code, where you are free to use it to change certain things. Others are copylefted software. Where, even if it is a modified version, it must be fully open. It does not allow users to create any additional restrictions.

How do free software licenses work?

This program tolerates the freedom of both society and individual users. Well, it allows them to create, learn, follow, distribute and change some programs. Most do not have to do with costs, but with the bias of each individual. “Free” should be understood not as something that will be freeIt happens because of the autonomous discourse that allows them. Not that the program is going to be free.

The freedoms it grants, both individually and collectively, are the main reasons why we should have free software licenses. and with them the rules of controlling what is carried out in the program. To take into account that the users are not the ones who are going to monitor the plan, since it does not have an owner. Only the developer, creator of this software, is the one who will have power over what is channeled into the project.

What are the characteristics of free software licenses?

For a program to be completely independent must be composed of these main freedoms that will be granted. They were created by the Free software foundation. Which are:

  • resolution for run the program as you want and its purpose can be simple or go beyond in complexity.
  • Freedom to learn how the program is run and be able to modify it if you want and for the purpose you want.
  • license with in order to distribute as many copies as I have on hand and with this to be able to contribute to different users. As well as those where they were changed, but that can reach third parties. Well, its main benefit is that the entire society can benefit from these programs.

If any software does not meet the aforementioned characteristics, we could not say that it is a free license.

Examples of free software licenses

Although there are many, soon we will name some of them, of which several we can recognize, because they are popular.

  • Ares: His program is of the P2P class. It is used to search and download files that we can find on the web. So be it from different sources. Which occurs if the record is shared by different clients at the same time. Since this reduces the download duration.
  • Mozilla Firefox: It has various functions with the power that can be customized. One of its most distinctive tools is that it is a powerful protector of the personal data provided by the user.
  • Apache OpenOffice: This program reaches out to us with a variety of tools. Among which we can find: spreadsheets, text computer, graphic exhibitions and an extensive database.
  • Clam Win Free Antivirus: It is a competent antivirus as its name tells us. Its update is stable and it has a huge number of users around the world.
  • Moodle: Its main function is for teaching because it accesses to process contents of different kinds. According to texts, videos and even images. As well as interactive communication, networking and online testing.
  • Voice: It uses the Bit Torrent mechanism. Among its various functions and modalities, we find downloading both audio and video files.
  • JBoss: Its core language is Java. This platform is managed in order to build and implement products and also applications.
  • Net: It serves to dedicate himself exclusively to the process of digital photos.
  • Gallery: It helps us with the organization of photo albums, being very simple to use.
  • Qcad: The application that every engineer, decorator and even architect should have. Well, it is based on computer-aided technical drawing and works with two dimensions.
  • Notepad: Functional to create notes quickly.
  • Emulate: Where it is possible to find and download documents that generally have audio and video. The type of program it uses is P2P.
  • Spybot – Search & Destroy: It is essential to prevent the access of malicious software on the computer.

In order to help us in certain jobs that need some of the tools that these programs can provide us. The free software license is a whole world that we facilitates the creation, modification of documents and data. As well as the ease of downloading elements that can be difficult for us on other pages. Always keeping in mind that they are not owned by us, but are there to reach different users who may need them.

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