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Digital marketing has established itself in the world as the main way to get customers and reach places where traditional methods are not very useful. Whether or not you are successful on the internet depends not only on a schedule of activities, but also on the advertising phrases that you choose when displaying your content.

It is for this reason that sales and customer service strategies focus a lot on the words and phrases that you are going to use with your customers. In case you don’t know what an ad phrase is, it’s a series of words that are carefully used to capture attention and maintain customer retention. All with the intention of generate some kind of income or retain a potential client or lead, as it is also known. We will provide you with more information on this very interesting topic shortly.

What are the characteristics of an advertising phrase?

Some know them as advertising phrases, while others know it as a slogan or advertising messages. No matter what name is given to it, the features remain the same. Now, among all characteristic points of a phrase for advertisingwe can highlight the following:

Imagine that you have a very nice and well-done photograph. The fact that it is easy to use implies that you can implement it as a strategy for all social networks. But not only that, but you can also create sale items, wallpapers, turn it into a book cover, etc. This is possible thanks to the fact that photography is easy to use. The same happens with advertising phrases. Your product is the textual content or, failing that, part of a dialogue for a video for networks.

The idea is that the person you are addressing can understand what you are saying and feel identified with your words. The easier you make it for other people, the easier it will be to capture them and make them your followers or buyers. Keep in mind that even for search engine optimization, easy phrases is possibly the best strategy to place your content among the first search results.

Every brand that has a global reach has managed to stand out and be remembered by many people due to its easy, short and memorable phrases. This has a lot to do with the previous feature. you will never see one company that sells products and/or particular services or brand that has a long sentence and difficult words.

The vast majority of advertising phrases are short, no more than 6 or 7 words and easily connect with people. No matter where you’re from, you want to find something you can relate to and this simple fact makes a easy to remember catchphrasebe difficult to achieve.

By this we mean that it does not apply to all situations, since it depends on what your strategy is. For example, a social media influencer will rarely have a catchphrase, as they are not offering a particular service or are selling a specific product. However, everything will depend on the level of reach and size that you have as an influencer.

Some well-known youtubers and tiktokers who already have a presence in networks have a solid, simple and striking slogan. However, it is not a practice that is usually done how a company or brand does it with its advertisement.

It is important to be repetitive with these points, since the reach and impact of a slogan, slogan or advertising phrase will depend on how clear and concise it is. Imagine that you enter this or any other article and you go halfway through the text and you still do not have the information you are looking for. Most likely, you hope that when entering the article, the information is as accurate as possible, goes straight to the point and does not waste your time. As is the case with the advertising phrases. It applies to both ventures, a small or medium store, consolidated companies, among others.

  • Must have a touch of persuasion

In terms of writing and content strategy, this is known as copys. It is a writing in which, in a persuasive way, it is possible to sell and/or connect with people without them noticing or not being done so aggressively. For example, if I want to sell you a camera, I don’t start by telling you the equipment features and benefits. That is something that you will previously know or have investigated. A persuasive way is to attack your need and the way in which my product can help you with your projects.

This same idea can be transposed to the use of advertising phrases. Of course, a great study of the market is required, as well as knowing the type of population or public that you focus on. All this in order to know what is your tone with which you are going to address them, as well as the type of words and / or complexity that your sentence will have.

  • Always keep a positive attitude and words

Nobody wants to see a slogan or phrase that focuses on negative words or the feeling it conveys is restlessness and insecurity. Therefore, you have to focus on a positive idea or thought, regardless of what audience you are going to dedicate to or what product or service you want to offer. The words of affirmation and positivity They generate a great impact and if you know what words to use, it is most likely that you will induce a purchase without much effort.

How to make a slogan or advertising phrase?

Now that you have some of the most relevant characteristics, it is time to move on to the steps to follow to make a slogan, motto or advertising phrase. It is important that you take into account each of the characteristics, since this will facilitate the entire process that we will mention below. The steps that you must take into account are the following:

  1. Do a review of your brand or company

This is the first step and it is the most relevant of all, no matter what types of products or services they are, a brand and/or company review must be implemented. This with the intention of knowing all the details of it well. That is, you have to take into account aspects such as:

  • The current branding and if rebranding is required.
  • What is the buyer persona.
  • Details about the product or service being offered.
  • What is or will be the tone of voice that will be used to address the public.

With this base, you can start working, of course, depending on the scope and magnitude of your brand and/or companythere will be more aspects that you should take into consideration.

  1. Focus on something you want to promote

It is easy to lose your way when you have a fairly well-known brand because you want to cover as much as possible, however, this is not entirely recommended. Ideally, you should focus on one or two aspects of your brand at most. It has to be something that is general and from that, the rest of the services and/or products that you offer are broken down. For example, instead of focusing on the benefit that a product offers, focus on the benefits that your brand can provide. In this way, the slogan you create will be general, but it will maintain its image for each of the products that you have for sale and that you will have in the future.

  1. Proceed with the brand action

By this we mean that the slogan or advertising phrase to use has to be an action that the person has to do. It does not necessarily have to be related to physical exertion, but it can also be a lifestyle, a thought or something similar.

  1. Give identity and essence to your brand

You achieve this by answering to yourself the reason for your brand, service or company. There are plenty of photographers in the world, as well as selling ice cream, clothing, footwear and others. But why do they have to choose you and not another option that is more consolidated?

  1. Take tests and start communicating

Once you have a solid base created with everything we have mentioned, it is time to start testing. Here you have several options, such as the following:

  • Ask your closest contacts and friends to give you their opinion and interact with you in search of feedback.
  • Pay for advertising on social networks. Segment the advertising site to your locality and surroundings.
  • Work with sponsors.

Any of these three will help you a lot to get results. There are no bad results, simply results that will help you change, improve and/or modify what you already have so that it can work effectively and you can achieve your objectives with your advertising phrase.

What words to put in an advertising phrase?

As such, there is no standard word or pun that you should use or that exists. Each brand is unique and each service is different from each other. Therefore, the use of words has to be exclusive for each situation. However, something that is more general and that works as a useful resource is challenging the person, giving them a metaphor, etc. For example:

  • Coca Cola has a catchphrase that reads: Uncover your happiness.
  • Bimbo has: With love as always.
  • M&N: Chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.
  • Red Bull: Red Bull gives you wings.

As you will notice, each of the advertising phrases are unique from each other and very different from each other. However, we can analyze these little phrases a bit so that you can use the information to your advantage. Some key points are as follows:

  1. They combine an action by relating the product to something the person can do.
  2. Creates a feeling of well-being and familiarity.
  3. They advance the experience of what the product you are going to consume will be like.
  4. They explain what will be the impact on your body once we consume their products.

Examples of the best advertising phrases

Some of the examples that are still maintained or are remembered by many generations that are still alive are the following:

  1. At ease with life – Nestlé.
  2. I want Taco Bell – Taco Bell.
  3. Because you have a hangover – Gatorade.
  4. Take a breather, have a Kit Kat.
  5. Here, you are the King – Burger King.

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