What is a bypass in telecommunications and computing? – Modified valve circuitry

Computer security is of the utmost importance for any system, software, portal and device. Well, no person or company wants a hacker to steal their information and use it for their benefit. In this article, it explains what the bypass is, a valve that provides help, but which is also used in this type of criminal act. In the same way, there is talk of the relationship of the device with the Metasploit program and with the action of pentesting.

Meaning and concept of a bypass in telecommunications

When the word bypass is heard, it is usually referring to the medical device that helps the heart. However, this term was extended to other fields of science, so we should not only stay with that meaning. So, let’s see how it is applied in computer security and telecommunications.

However, it is necessary to highlight that in the telecommunications sector, a practice that puts computer security at risk has gained popularity. Well, it is a method called bypass with the function of performing a hacker attack. This practice is called gray traffic in Spanish and is related to communication through calls.

The bypass of this class consists of diverting the data with a circuit, which has the function of hiding international calls. What this technology does is that it disguises the IP and other information of a call that comes from another country. So, it can fool the computer equipment, whether it has Microsoft Windows system or any other. So, in the record is classified as a local callthat is, within the same national territory.

The bypass is called gray traffic in Spanish because penetrates computer security of a system like that of the CONATEL group. Well, the hacker uses his own software, which in many cases was identified as Simbox. This information encoding means that Microsoft Windows and other OS do not detect them as international calls.

Doing this is considered tax fraud, as many countries have taxes for these types of calls. Therefore, when a hacker scrambles communication, the country stops receiving income. Well, the local call does not have the same rate as the others that are made between two different countries.

The companies in charge of stopping this practice are looking for solutions that counteract the function of the bypass. To do this, they run programs such as Metasploit and perform pentesting practices. This manages to control the information flow of incoming calls and can detect data drift.

What is a bypass used for in computing and computing?

The bypass in communication computing represents a circuit that has a switch or a valve. Which, has the possibility of changing the way in which the circuit receives the data. In other words, it can divert the information from the Internet to alternative routes, this happens when there are power failures, an Internet drop or any extra failure. It can be said that it is a basic component in the structure of a circuit.

How does a telecommunications bypass work?

Due to the execution of the procedure mentioned in the previous section, another type of bypass was developed. Which is used in telecommunications as a port that allows access to the network without any inconvenience. It is a valve that allows software to redirect network traffic through an alternate route when the primary route is under maintenance or has failures such as access drops or viruses.

Like the heart device, computer bypass works with pulses or heartbeats that redirect network traffic through the alternate path. The bypass valve is normally activated when there are faults with the electricity system or when an error occurs in the main route through which the network data circulates.

In this sense, companies carry out practice maneuvers such as pentesting, which consists of a simulation of a computer security attack. There, the bypass is activated to divert the data through the alternate path. In these practices, it is also common to use private computer security systems like Metasploit or any other that is obtained on the internet. The speed with which information travels through the network can vary in a range between 10 MB and 10 GBps.

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