What is a bin file? – Learn all about binary files

In computer science, the development of programs is carried out quite frequently, leaving the oldest ones in disuse or with less importance. For this and other reasons, there are so many file formats to store information. One of them is the bin file and this article explains what it is and how it works. In the same way, we talk about the type of data that the software can save. In addition, the way to open it with an ISO image on a computer or Android mobile is mentioned.

Meaning and concept of a bin file

On a computer, an Android cell phone, and some other devices, it is possible to find various types of files. In this sense, it must be remembered that when talking about files, reference is not only made to those who open documents with programs such as Microsoft Word. On the contrary, there are several formats such as JPG, asm and bin.

A bin file refers to the abbreviation of the name binary, which represents a compressed type file format. When one of these files is observed, it is possible to find inside it a set of bit combinations. So, their content is not prepared for print on screenthat is, that can be easily read with words in a text editor.

So, a file with the title .bin is not a common type document. Well, if you can open it, a set will be displayed of characters in stringtherefore, the user will not have the ability to read it. In the same way, it is possible that sequences of zeros (0) and ones (1) appear forming binary code.

Is a bin file and a binary file the same thing?

The binary file system is the same as the BIN file format or extension. Well, the letters in capital letters have the function of designating what is the abbreviation of the complete word, as it happens in DOC for Microsoft Word documents and other examples. The binary file system is one of the many types of files that exist in computing and have the capacity to store information.

However, today it no longer has the same continuous use as before, due to constant technology updates. Well, we no longer have the habit of saving data and information in physical media such as DVDs and CDs. On the contrary, they are stored in digital media such as documents or clouds that allow backup copies. Therefore, the binary code file no longer has the importance of yesteryear.

What are bin files used for?

The function of a bin file cannot be reduced to a single process, since they are used for different things. However, the main function is to Store information and any type of data. In addition, it prepares them so that the computer or Android mobile device can process them. This includes all those files that are installed and run directly on the computer.

Backup is one of the procedures that can be carried out with a binary file system. Well, this extension format has the ability to save the data as long as CD as on DVD in physical medium. In the same way, it is also used in order to store programs and software that function as antivirus.

In addition to the DVD, the information copy can also be executed for a memory card or a Blue-ray. Data that is stored in a BIN or .bin file can be played on any operating system. These files may contain images, other documents, TV videos, code, text and other data.

How to open a bin file on my PC or mobile?

If you want to open a document with a .bin or binary file format, you can use any text editor. For example, the simplest is to open the information with the Microsoft Word interface. So you just have to find the file, right-click on the cursor and wait for the options menu to appear. After that, you have to touch open with and choose the editor, in this case Word.

Then the program will open and the information that the bin file will be displayed on the screen. However, the user will not be able to read what it says, because they will not understand the structure. In this sense, the text program will not have the ability to process that information to show it with letters that form words and sentences. The solution to this is to convert the file to an ISO image, a cue file or use other applications.

An ISO image represents another file format with which you can read information from a DVD, CD of TV and other binary data. Therefore, you only have to follow a fairly simple process to carry out the conversion and the name change. As for the cue file, it requires opening Microsoft Windows notepad and writing some code.

  • FILE filename.bin BINARY
  • TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
  • INDEX 01 00:00:00

Where it says filename.bin, place the title you want to save, then click on file. There, you have to touch save as and when the menu is displayed, it is necessary to choose cue file. The process is finished looking for some of the applications that can read this type of software.

The third method of opening a bin file is to mount an image by downloading one of these applications. The best options are Daemon TOOLS, IZArc or VCL Media player. The choice will depend on the characteristics of the information contained in the document that cannot be read. For example, VCL is used for those files that contain video and are played on what is a TV. Daemon is used in order to generate a virtual drive or image that allows opening a DVD or CD. Whereas, the last option works with data packets.

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