What does ‘Ribbon’ mean in Word, Excel, Printers and Wires?

If you’ve heard of ‘the Ribbon‘ pay close attention, because this word, despite referring to a tape in Spanish, It has several meanings that determine its use. and not exactly like a ribbon to tie in the hair. For this reason, we have decided to investigate each of its meanings to discover together what it is?

What is ribbon in labels?

In labels, ribbons refer to thermal transfer ribbons, which come in rolls and are placed inside a machine or printer. This printer makes use of these to capture the ink in it through the heat emitted by its heads and thus create the desired writing, numbering or symbol. These thermal tapes or films are made of different materials such as wax, resin or both.

What is ribbon in Word?

If we talk about the Ribbon in Word, its meaning is very different from the previous definition. This is about the toolbars that we usually use to make changes, modifications or improve the writing or document that we are preparing. For example, when we want to highlight a word we go to the top toolbar and use the ‘bold or bold’ option to do so, this option is inside a ribbon or ribbon along with other tools you can use.

What is ribbon in Excel?

In the event that you are using this program, if you hear about Ribbon in Excel, it would be pointing to the top bar that you can see immediately when you open a spreadsheet or page. in this bar you will get all the commands and menu that will allow you to access the functions that this program places at your disposal. Therefore, if you want to assign different qualities to a document in Excel, you must go to the Ribbon or toolbar.

What is a ribbon for printers?

Not all printers use Ribbon. However, we can say that a Ribbon for printers is that ribbon that allows you to transfer the information that you want to pour into the labels. Without the use of this ribbon, printing would not be possible.

It is important to understand that a Ribbon for printers it’s not just any tape, since this is specially designed to withstand heat transfer and capture or print through this process. If another material is used, such as the plain paper used by other printers, it would not work.

What is a cable or ribbon ribbon?

The cable or ribbon, as its name suggests, is a high quality wire, since, unlike other cables used at the computer or software level, this one has a greater quantity and density of fiber, making it a more resistant product used to connect equipment at the outdoor level. Thanks to the way in which this product has been elaborated, in addition to improve RPM, it is easy to repair in case of breakage.

A cable of this type is made up of fiber optics and can contain more than 3,000 fibers. This type of cable is ideal for transmitting networks of many users, due to its great network transmission capacity.

Is encoder ribbon the same as ribbon?

If we are only talking about encoders, we could say that the encoder tape is the same as saying Ribbon. Now, if we are talking about ribbons for encoders and Ribbon cables, these are not the same, because the cable is used to send or transmit network signals outdoors, while the ribbons are to be used for printing information and go inside they.

What is ribbon in Spanish?

The word Ribbon in Spanish means ‘ribbon’a definition that covers different types of ribbons, therefore, when hearing about Ribbon, you have to observe the context that surrounds the word, in order to determine for sure what it refers to.

What is blue ribbon?

In Spanish it means ‘blue ribbon’, but its symbolic meaning means ‘of high quality’, which is why, in some competitions, the winner is awarded a blue ribbon, to indicate that he was the best of all the participants.

What is heat transfer?

When talking about the Ribbon we made reference to heat transfer. One definition of heat transfer is that it is a physical process where one object transmits its temperature to another, either to transform, alter or modify it. A clear example of this is when we use the iron at home to remove wrinkles from clothes, a heat transfer is carried out there in that process.

What is heat transfer by conduction?

The transfer of heat by conduction, according to its meaning, is one that Occurs when a given object conducts heat to another object, that is, it is given by contact. To get a clear idea of ​​this process, imagine that you place a metal knife to heat up in the kitchen and take it with your hands, little by little you will notice that the knife progressively heats up, conducting heat towards the place where you hold it. That happens because the knife conducts the received heat.

Simply put, if an object can be heated without being consumed, it is capable of transferring heat by conduction. In other words, normally an object that transmits this type of heat is in a solid state. a gas or a liquid they cannot carry out this process.

What is radiation heat transfer?

The heat transfer by radiation is the one that occurs when an object receives the heat through radiation, microwaves or light (all are part of electromagnetic waves). A clear example is when the sun heats sea water, there occurs a heat transfer by radiation. This type of heat transfer, although there is no body-to-body contact, is said to be direct, since the heat is transmitted by the entity that produces it.

The sun, a microwave, steam from a pot on the stove, an oven, shock waves from an explosion all provide this type of heat transfer.

What is convective heat transfer?

In this case, heat transfer takes place when the source that produces the heat releases it. An example that we can offer to clarify this definition is when you are cooking something in the oven and you open the oven door to check your preparation, this action causes the contained steam to immediately come out and rise to the atmosphere, there is a heat transfer by convection.

The word convection means movement of gases or fluids that increase their temperature by expediting heat, thus originating its transfer or exchange.

What is heat transfer in physics?

In physics, when talking about heat transfer, reference is being made to the process that takes place when two bodies with different temperatures come into contact. It is that contact or closeness that allows one of them to release heat, either by convection, radiation or conduction.

All three types of heat transfer can be carried out at the same time, but one will always dominate the others.

What a body by itself does is expedite heat (if applicable), there is only transfer when its heat influences another body or element. Such is the case of fire in water, the sun in rivers or a furnace for metals or other elements.

It is important to note that, to heat transfer, also It is called thermal transfer or heat transfer..

Examples of heat transfer

  • If we leave the car parked in the sun when doing the market and when we return, we open the car, we will feel how the steam comes out (heat transfer by convection); but, if we sit on it, we will feel the heat of the seats by touching them (heat transfer by transfer). However, if we ask ourselves who heated the car?, a heat transfer by radiation is present there.
  • When we heat a metal to melt a plasticconduction heat transfer is present.
  • If we sunbathe on the beach, the ultraviolet rays tan us and they transmit heat to us by radiation.
  • When heating food in the microwave there is a transfer of heat by radiation.
  • If we take a pan with water to the stove, when the water begins to heat up it begins to circulate (cold air goes down and hot air goes up, being in constant movement) generating steam, at that moment there is heat transfer by convection.

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