Terrified disheveled kitten found lying

Terrified disheveled kitten found lying

A four-month-old kitten was recently found abandoned in North West London with severely disheveled fur and is now on the mend.

Mayhew's Vet Team Trims and Styles Minikeba's Frizz Mayhew's vet team brushing Minikeba's hair Mini Kuba (6)

A young black and white kitten named Minikeba was spotted in a garden by a member of the public and was immediately taken to London-based animal welfare charity Mayhew as they feared her condition.

AJ Ford, Mayhew animal welfare officer, said: “Minikeba was found scared and was found by the concerned public. He was alone, with no other siblings or mom around.”

“Minikeba’s fur was so messy that the sensitive skin around her belly, face and buttocks ached. He had spots on his paws, which we thought must be him standing on his own urine and the mess he made.

“Poor Minikeba didn’t know how to play well or what to do with the toys we gave him.

“We cannot imagine how horrible it is to leave Minikeba like this, and we want those who abandoned him to call us first. At Mayhew, we are committed to helping people in crisis situations. We don’t judge, we are here for the animals. The best course of action and advice, no matter what the problem is.”

The Mayhew vet team soon saw Minikeba at their on-site community vet clinic and performed a thorough health check.

Mayhew vet Dr Emma Robinson said: “When Minikeba first arrived at Mayhew, her hair was so messy we had to cut it and brush it.

“He also had diarrhoea, probably from a combination of parasites, poor diet and food cleanliness, we vaccinated him and treated him with fleas and deworming.

“Although he must have felt uncomfortable, he was always loving and had a very sweet personality.”

Mini Kuba (5) Mini Kuba (3) Mini Kuba (2)

After receiving medical attention and care from Mayhew’s veterinary team, as well as loving care and socialization from her Cattery team, Minikeba has learned to play with her toys and will soon be on the mend.

Once the Mayhew veterinary team is satisfied that Minikeba has received the medical attention he needs and is fully vaccinated and neutered, he will be ready to find a new home and live happily ever after.

If you are interested in adopting other cats in Mayhew’s care, please visit www.themayhew.org or call 020 8962 8000.

Mayhew’s team of veterinarians and animal welfare officers respond to hundreds of animals in need and provide ongoing support to vulnerable pet owners and caregivers. Learn more about their work by visiting www.themayhew.org, and consider making a donation to help them help more animals like Minikeba.

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