Scalp care for protective hairstyles – No itchiness or dandruff

If you are a naturalist who likes to change your look with protective hairstyles, bbeauty influencer, Jessica Pettwayte shows you her steps to achieve a long-lasting, hydrated and itch-free foundation. Jessica has type 4c curly hair, a very dry scalp, and suffers from dandruff. She says that when she wears wigs, she is It is imperative that your scalp remains protected, as a dry, clogged scalp only causes more problems. Using our Dry & Itchy Scalp Care Collection, women are removing dandruff and buildup, while hydrating their hair and scalp for long-lasting results.

Watch as Jessica prepares her hair and scalp to wear the wig.



1. Clean the hair with olive and tea tree oil shampoo

Jessica’s Pro Tip: Apply the shampoo to the scalp before wetting the hair and massage it in.

2. Clean the hair again with Cowash of olive and tea tree oil

Cleanse the hair and scalp again with the cleansing conditioner.

3. Condition with olive and tea tree oil leave-in conditioner

the conditionerwithout rinsing Keeps hair hydrated, nourished and smoother to reduce frizz and breakage.

4. Oil scalp and hair with Olive and Tea Tree Oil Treatment to prepare for styling

Oiling the scalp is recommended to nourish soft curls and help strengthen and grow them.

5. Style the hair normally

Correctly braid your hair to wear a wig, crotchet or braids.

6. Use Olive & Tea Tree Oil Treatment as needed for the life of your protective style

When the protective style is removed, you should find minimal fall out, less breakage and stronger hair.


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