Oil and water don’t mix?

We all learn from a young age in school that oil and water do not mix.

What if we tell you that they really mix?

When we set out to formulate our latest line of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Dr. Syed wanted to include a lightweight product that could be sprayed but still packs a powerful load of JBCO.

The JBCO has tremendous moisturizing benefits for curly hair.

Although the use of oils in hair care is nothing new, JBCO does not work well in products due to its large particle size, which affects the stability of most formulations (it starts to separate).

Some brands have tried using JBCO, albeit in a smaller percentage of the total formula, which defeats the purpose of including it in the first place.

We didn’t want to be just another company that used an ingredient just for marketing reasons.

We wanted to use the JBCO in higher percentages.

Also, we wanted a sprayable JBCO product, something that had never been done before.

Sprayable oil products are difficult products to formulate due to the natural forces of polarity.

And how did we do it?

Using the wondrous power of chemistry and the latest manufacturing processes, Dr. Syed set out to create a nanoemulsion of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Ceramides, and Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

By using chemical energy and mechanical energy, we create an emulsion of Nano-JBCO.

But what is a nanoemulsion, you say? What is an emulsion?

An emulsion is a fine mixture of liquid droplets mixed in another liquid, which normally could not be mixed in any other way.

But in the case of JBCO, typical emulsifiers are not able to break down the particle size enough for it to be used stably in a formulation.

Our chemists and engineers were able to develop a process that creates nanoemulsions that can not only be used in formulations, but even as a stand-alone sprayable product.

A nanoemulsion is an even smaller and finer mixture of larger particles (JBCO), so the new, much smaller particles are more easily dispersed in formulations.

Here’s a full in-depth breakdown explaining how we’ve developed our bestseller JBCO Water:

Below is a full breakdown of the benefits of the JBCO Collection, regarding hair and skin:

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