Money Saving Tips for Cat Owners

Money Saving Tips for Cat Owners

As we cat lovers know, owning a cat is one of life’s great joys. Our furry companions bring us smiles, take care of us when we need them, and actually make us feel more relaxed (proven by scientists!). Few cat owners would argue that the cost and commitment of owning a cat is worth it. However, owning a cat can be expensive, in fact it is estimated that the average total cost of owning a cat can be upwards of £900 a year, including vet bills, food and everything else.

However, we believe that a significant portion of these costs are unnecessary, and owning a cat doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. And, with Christmas, the most expensive time of year, almost upon us, we thought it was time to give cat owners our money-saving tips:

Avoid unnecessary veterinary costs— Use the pet health advice line

Two-thirds of pet health problems don’t require an immediate visit to the vet, and with the average unconventional vet visit costing up to £300, a vet trip can burn a big hole in your pocket. A great money saving option is to use one of the various pet health helplines such as PetGP who offer advice services to pet owners at a very low cost (just £12.50 per call). The helpline can advise owners on whether a visit to the vet is necessary and what to do next.

Find alternatives to keep cats in the cattery – Use pet sitting services

There are plenty of new sites connecting pet owners with enthusiastic pet sitters who love animals but can’t “commit to having pets” for whatever reason. These services are not only free, but your cat is likely to receive more care from a sitter than at a cattery.

Make your own toys – be creative!

Cats love to play, and according to some studies, one of the biggest costs of loving an owner is buying cat toys and accessories. Making your own cat toys will save you money and bring a little creativity into your life! There are many ideas on blogs and pet sites. Try Pinterest, a great place to get inspired by other cat owners.

Buy the right foods and keep them fresh – with Tupperware

Stay away from fancy cat food brands, which have no health benefits compared to less expensive cat food brands. If you feed your cat dry food or cat treats, putting them in a Tupperware can keep them fresh ten times longer.

Portion control – stick to recommended portion sizes

Another dietary advice that will help your cat stay healthy and slim. Maintain portion control. Adult cats generally only need about 6 ounces of food, spread out between morning and night. Avoid feeding on demand, as this can lead to weight gain, excessive food waste, and ultimately increased vet bills in the long run if your cat is overweight.

Adopt, Don’t Buy: A Home for Cats in Need

OK, so this one is not for existing cat owners. People considering buying a cat should think twice. By adopting a cat or kitten from your local shelter, you’re not just saving money, you’re doing a good deed and helping a cat in need!

Figure 5 The kitten is playing

The information presented in this article and the entire website is for informational purposes only. If you need sensitive information regarding your pet, we recommend that you consult a professional.

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