How to choose the right toy for your cat?

How to choose the right toy for your cat?

For some cat owners, choosing toys that their pets will actually use can be really difficult. Seven times out of 10, a cat will completely ignore a box full of toys and choose to spend the day in the first empty box he sees. It’s a frustration all cat lovers can relate to: spending your hard-earned cash on dozens of finicky toys, only to have them collect dust in your attic.

But finding toys that your cat loves is not as complicated as it might seem. Buying the toys one by one hoping that it will finally be used is not the solution, so you will have to rethink your strategy. You should think from the cat’s perspective and consider the predatory nature of the animal before purchasing. Here’s how to choose the right toy for your cat.

Choose safe and durable toys

Because cats have a predatory instinct, they love to jump, pounce, and scratch everything in sight. Cats like to be challenged and stimulated, so their favorite toys are those that allow them to simulate behaviors in nature. However, since cats tend to play aggressively, it’s best to choose toys that are safe and can withstand repeated abuse.

Your safest bet is to check cat chew toy reviews and only buy certified products from well-known brands. Like guinea pigs, cats need to constantly nibble on food to keep their teeth healthy and functional. For example, Petstages, a well-known manufacturer of toys specifically designed to ensure cat dental health, is a good option in this regard.

One of the items with the highest success rate for cats is the wand toy. The name is suggestive: the simplest consist of a wand with a ribbon at the end, while the most elaborate have bells, feathers and ropes.

But in some cases, as much as a cat loves a toy wand, it can also pose the greatest danger to the animal. The next time you go shopping at a pet store, check the items to make sure the toy has a thick rope, is attached securely at the end, and that there are no sharp parts that could hurt you if a cat bites it. The most practical thing is to use the Gap to hide it in a safe place to prevent cats from biting or getting entangled in the rope.

Types of cat toys

In general, cat toys fall into two broad categories: those designed for solitude when the cat chooses to obediently ignore their owners, and those designed for interactive play. The single player toy list includes anything that can be squished, pushed, chewed, chased, or stalked. In addition to the aforementioned wand, other interactive toys include lasers: the cat will go crazy chasing the little glowing dots on the wall, stuffing, preferably a mouse for obvious reasons, balls with bells inside, and Catnip toys.

If your cat is lazier than usual, a great way to encourage him to be more active is to get a food dispensing toy. They are designed for adult cats and are designed to encourage your pet to use her mental and physical abilities to retrieve treats. Plus, food distribution toys are a clever way to help cats make the connection between good behavior and reward.

Toys that encourage sensory enrichment

Cats, like other animals, need constant stimulation of their senses to function properly. One way to encourage your cat to seek sensory enrichment is to decorate her living environment with “feeding puzzles.” These food puzzles can be as simple as a perforated plastic ball that randomly drops treats as the cat plays, or complex systems with tubes that the cat must climb through to reach the food.

It may seem like unnecessary rush work when you can just pour food into a bowl, but designing these little systems is actually very important to your cat’s mental health. Since felines are hunters at heart, the concept of working for food comes naturally to them. Cats naturally like to combine play with hunting and eating, which is why you’ll see cats engage in elaborate play rituals with their prey before eating it. Additionally, educational feeders will teach your cat healthy eating habits, a behavior that can be difficult to instill when she’s squatting over her food dish.

Remember that all the data presented here is just a compilation of information from the internet, be careful when using it. Always consult an expert before making a decision about the health of your pets.

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